Simon Levy | Falsa mi inhabilitación: Buscan intimidarme y lesionar mis derechos ciudadanos.
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False my disqualification: They seek to intimidate me and injure my citizenship rights.

False my disqualification: They seek to intimidate me and injure my citizenship rights.


In relation to the recent journalistic notes that indicate my disqualification and dismissal to the position of the Parastatal company of the Government of the City of Mexico I make the following precisions:

1 .- It is false that today, I am disabled and has been dismissed. This can be verified in the following link which is the PADRÓN OFICIAL DE SERVIDORES PÚBLICOS INHABILITADOS DEL GOBIERNO DE LA CIUDAD DE MEXICO in which I DO NOT APPEAR. Attached capture of the search of the portal.

2.- The reference of the registry to which the journalistic notes refers, refers to the Registry of Public Servants with PROCEDURES TO PUNISH THEM which is a list of all current administrative procedures that are followed by public officials or those who have had a charge and whose registration of my name corresponds, to have tried fraudulently and illegally to disqualify me and even dismiss me for the reasons that in the following numbers I will expose.

3.- To prove that my disqualification is false, attached to the present text, the last trade of several that I have in my possession, that the CONTRALOR GENERAL of the Government of Mexico City dated on July 9, 2018, giving me instructions and recognizing the ownership of my position, despite the fact that I voluntarily submitted my resignation on several occasions, the last with an irrevocable character, on JUNE 30, 2018 addressed to José Ramon Amieva Galvez, who despite being received by the Office of the Parties and the Office of the Head of Government, the Head of Government himself asked me on August 1, to withdraw it and continue in my functions.

4.- Consequently, it is False my dismissal from office and disqualification, because I got at the time, first a Suspension of the Protection number 1493/2017 before the Judicial Power of the Federation and later the Suspension not to register in the Register of Disabled Public Servants by the Administrative Justice Court of Mexico City, before the trial number TJ / III-6008/2018, judgment that today is about to be solved and in which I contributed all the elements that demonstrate the illegality of the action against me. I attach documents.

Download legal documents Simon Levy (PDF)

5.- Now, I was sought to be disqualified and dismissed fraudulently and illegally, for complying with a clear and clear instruction of the then Head of Government Miguel Ángel Mancera, published in the Gaceta del Gobierno del Distrito Federal, and where having signed an agreement to avoid a lawsuit by investors, the Government of Mexico City through the Office of the Comptroller General and the Legal Department, stated in the 5th statement of the document "that there was no responsibility administrative or otherwise "in my act, for the act which fraudulently and illegally sought to sanction me and disqualify me unjustifiably.

6.- The publication of the notes that curiously just appeared with the news of my appointment as next Assistant Secretary of Tourism, without an official source, respond to attacks and slander to injure my citizens' rights and for having publicly expressed my support for the project of Andrés Manuel López Obrador and Morena, as well as for refusing to participate in the implementation of the CETRAM Chapultepec project that sought to build a skyscraper of offices and shops in PUBLIC SPACE, for not having the permits and approval of INAH, through a concession to a private individual.

7.- Also, the publication of this note, is the continuation of a dirty war against me for years by envoys of the Government of Mexico City, to try to intimidate me and injure my public image as in these years, I tried to take responsibility, however the significant amount of investments and income that I generated during my administration, and practiced MULTIPLE audits were completely attached to the law my actions as a public servant.



Dr. Simón Levy Dabbah, Ph.D.


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