Simon Levy | Visionary with Solutions for Global Economic Models
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Making dreams come true

Simón Levy-Dabbah

Innovative Public Planning & Strategy

Renovating with Disruptive Solutions

Social Growth and Development of high impact.

From the wasteful State to the public-wealth-generating State

These days testify to the agony of NAFTA and evidence the enormous opportunity that Mexico has to promote its true economic sovereignty.

Simón Levy-Dabbah invites to resume ties with China

Three students reconstruct the journey of the Spanish soldier Miguel de Loarca to the empire of China in 1575, moved by the eagerness to put together the puzzle of an impressive adventure.

Simón Levy-Dabbah: Young Global Leader of the World Economic Forum.


Simón Levy-Dabbah's Offer

Vision to Plan

Plan to Implementation

Implementation to Growth

Growth to Revaluation

Synergizing resources

Managing collaborative strategic points of social growth through interlinked growth networks. Promoting an efficient use of resources from the dynamic point of view, empowering the population after increasing basic needs and infrastructure. Maintaining a dramatic improvement in the quality of life impacting with a solid visualization of the convergence directed at seed investment capital of private initiative with revolutionary ROI of a socially responsible nature.

"We tend to put words where ideas are lacking".


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